Testing Ketones

October 02, 2018

Testing Ketones

Determining If You’re In Ketosis


You just started the Keto-diet and think you’re in ketosis, but are not totally sure, how can you find out? Easy. There are a few main ways to detect if your body is in ketosis. Firstly, it’s important to know that during the conversion process of fat into sugar, your body creates ketones as a byproduct. Through certain tests of urine, breath, or blood, you can determine the number of ketones present in your body, and figure out if you have entered ketosis.

  • To test for ketones in urine, you can use a ketone urine test strip, like ReliOn, and simply follow the package instructions. You will have results within 1 minute, and you will be able to determine if your body is in ketosis.
  • To test for keto in your breath, simply get a breath test, such as Ketonix Breath Monitor, and breathing into the device will notify you of your ketone levels.
  • Finally, to test for ketones in your blood, the most accurate method, you can buy a blood glucose meter, such as Precision Xtra, and test for Ketone levels through blood samples (finger pricks).


Once you adjust to the diet, and determine that your body is in ketosis, relax and let the diet do the work! 

Now you know the basics of the Keto-diet, understand how to get into ketosis, and know how to determine if you’re in ketosis. Embrace the life-changing diet, and prepare to experience the incredible health benefits that come with keto!

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