Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Nut Butter


Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Nut Butter

SWEET & SALTY KETO NUT BUTTER – This delicious dark chocolate almond butter keto treat makes following a ketogenic, low-carb and low-sugar lifestyle easier. To enjoy, simply knead, tear and enjoy straight from the pouch. Add it to your favorite low carb ice cream, drizzle it on top of keto pancakes or waffles, add to your favorite keto recipes or simply enjoy straight from the pouch!

ON THE GO KETO FAT BOMBS – Getting your healthy fat sources just got that much convenient. These keto nut butter fat bomb pouches are ideal for on-the-go commuting, long car rides, traveling or wherever life takes you! No refrigeration necessary.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: The perfect blend of sweet and salty dark chocolate and creamy almond butter. Our unique blend of fats from nutrient-dense almonds and coconuts create a delicious and energizing long-lasting source of energy.

NO CHEMICALS, STIMULANTS OR JUNK: Gluten free and dairy free keto fat bombs make a delicious ketogenic snack food for anyone looking to stay fueled on their Ketogenic, Paleo, Low Sugar and low-carb diet protocols.

DELICIOUS & SATISFYING: Satisfy your sweet tooth and crush your cravings with this delicious all-natural snack. With a high fat and low-carb ingredient and nutritional profile, you can be sure these will not spike your glucose levels causing you to feel lethargic, tired and brain fogged.

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