KetoBrownie Chocolate Chip Double Fudge Baking Mix

KetoBrownie Chocolate Chip Double Fudge Brownie Baking Mix

THE PERFECT CHOCOLATE CHIP FUDGY BROWNIE. No longer do you have to go without delicious, fudgey brownies while living your low carb keto lifestyle. Each individual ketobrownie contains just 1g Net-carbs and 0g of sugar! So, you can keep enjoying your favorite deserts without risking ketosis.

SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATE CHIPS. SWEETENED WITH ALLULOSE. Unlike many other brands, our KetoBrownie mix comes packed with sugar-free chocolate chips. We also sweeten our keto brownies using Allulose, a natural keto sweetener that tastes just like regular sugar. However, Allulose has just one tenth the calories of table sugar and no impact on blood sugar levels. Making this ketobrownie mix an ideal way to crush your brownie cravings.

EASY TO MAKE. JUST ADD EGGS & BUTTER. Your keto desserts just got easier (and tastier!) — Simply add eggs, and butter; mix well and bake! This ketobrownie mix will make huge 16 huge 43g keto brownie servings. That’s ~1.5lbs of delicious brownies for you to enjoy!

NO CHEMICALS, STIMULANTS OR JUNK: Our sugar free, gluten free and dairy free keto brownies makes for a delicious ketogenic snack food for anyone looking to stay fueled on their ketogenic, paleo, low sugar, and low-carb diet lifestyles.

DELICIOUS & SATISFYING: Satisfy your sweet tooth and crush your cravings with this delicious ketobrownie snack. With a high fat and low-carb ingredient and nutritional profile, you can be sure these will not spike your glucose levels causing you to feel lethargic, tired and brain fogged.