KetoBrownie Cinnamon Roll Fat Bomb


KetoBrownie Cinnamon Roll Fat Bomb Mix

CRAVING SWEET CINNAMON ROLLS? We've got you covered! The first of its kind, keto cinnamon roll fat bomb mix. Simply add butter, mix and roll out delicious cinnamon flavored keto fat bombs. You can enjoy straight from the bowl, freeze, or refrigerate to harden the fat bombs and enjoy later.

EASY & TASTY WAY TO GET MORE FATS. Hitting your daily healthy fat goals just got easier! Each ketobrownie cinnamon roll fat bomb contains 18g of healthy and delicious fats, making it a convenient and tasty way to achieve your ketogenic macro-nutrient goals.

FAT BOMBS, KETO FROSTING, TOPPINGS, YOU DECIDE. This cinnamon roll fat bomb mix can be enjoyed in several ways! As a healthy single serve fat bomb or used as a keto frosting for your other low carb bars, cakes, or desserts. Finally, add this as a topping to your low carb ice cream, oatmeal or other favorite keto snacks.

EASY TO MAKE. JUST ADD BUTTER. Your keto desserts just got easier (and tastier!) — Simply and butter; mix well and roll! This ketobrownie cinnamon roll fat bomb mix will make ten 28g fat bomb servings. Eat them all at once or store them in the freezer to enjoy one on your daily ketogenic lifestyle.

DELICIOUS & SATISFYING: Satisfy your sweet tooth and crush your cravings with this delicious all-natural snack. With a high fat and low-carb ingredient and nutritional profile, you can be sure these will not spike your glucose levels causing you to feel lethargic, tired and brain fogged.