Thanks for visiting! I’m Nick, the creator of KetoBrownie, and I started developing the KetoBrownie recipe in October of 2016. As someone who has used a ketogenic diet over the last decade, I’ve always loved the results, but struggled with the lack of keto-friendly snacks available. I searched online to try and find any dessert type treats that had all the Ketogenic macros I was looking for – high fat content, moderate protein and super low carb, but didn’t find what I was looking for.

So, I took it upon myself to create the ideal KetoBrownie. I researched a list of high-fat / low-carb ingredients that would work well together for my ideal brownie taste and consistency and made a trip to the local grocery store.


In addition to taste and macronutrient profile, I wanted to create a healthy brownie too! That’s why my recipe is not only ketogenic friendly, but also paleo, certified gluten-free GMO free and my most important goal NO sugar alcohols! 

Nine months later the KetoBrownie was created and is now being enjoyed by many in the ketogenic and low-carb community.


          - Nick
Founder, KetoBrownie