KetoBrownie FAQ

What flavors are available from KetoBrownie?

We currently bake two flavors:

Blondie Brownie – see full product details and nutritional information HERE.

Chocolate Almond Brownie - see full product details and nutritional information HERE.

How long do they last?

Keto Brownies have a nine-month shelf-life. Keto brownies do not have to be refrigerated, but some love the taste when the brownie is cold and firmer or heated up melt the chocolate chips!

You will find the expiration date of each brownie stamped on the back of each wrapper nearest to the barcode.

How does shipping work?

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout and transit times are as follows:

  • Standard (3 - 5 Business Days)
  • Expedited (2 - Day Shipping)
  • Priority (Next Day Shipping)
When do orders ship?

Orders will ship out within 24 hours of receipt of the order. 

Do you ship internationally?

We are currently only shipping within the United States but working on international shipping expansion.

Still need help?

Feel free to contact us HERE. We will do our best to reply within 24 hours.